Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Be Still and Smell the Flowers

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been laying pretty low here. Making good progress although slow progress. Spending most days rotating around 3 luxury recovery zones I have around the house, plus time outside on balcony and in garden. Lots of time spent reading, lounging, movies, music and of course sports TV. Plus enjoying lots of great visits from friends and family.

Recovery from the first operation was a walk in the park compared to this one. With benefit of well managed pain killers I feel good and physically getting around OK. Hemoglobin still low, due to high blood loss in op, and not enjoying the lack of vim this causes, but I am enjoying the high meat diet that builds the blood back up. The wound is healing up good and I now have an eye popping war scar on my back. At times I've been overactive and following my body pays me out and sends a clear message that we are still in recovery mode and to slow down. Doctor was reluctant but has now provided a referral to ISIS, a specialist recuperation physio centre at Wakari Hospital and I should be active with them in about 3 weeks. I'm looking forward to regaining my dexterity, strength and vitality.

Early on in my blog I had set some optimistic goals due about now which separately involved my chainsaw, golf and a hard party. Well it's good to have goals but I was probably a month or two early, but look out I will get there.

Our frustrations are often driven by our own expectations and inexperience; Personally I haven't been experienced with being laid up and I get frustrated as I have things to do and my body is unable to respond. I need to have patience, let the healing do it's thing and "be still and smell the flowers".

Summer has come out with abundance on the Peninsular, beautiful hot days with lots of colour in garden and activity on harbor. Picture attached is from a hanging basket on our balcony. House has also got lively with the kids home and school years coming to and end.
Ciao for now


  1. One of my overactive and enjoyable moments was popping off a few golf balls with Timmsy at Pudding Keep Golf Club at the bottom of the garden. My backswing is to the 9 Oclock and I can't hold the club with both hands on a short follow through. My longevity was 3 balls. A highlight was hitting the 1st green (130 meters) with a 5 wood. Sometimes you need to bend the rules to keep the grey matter in check. It was a hoot.

  2. Made it to Enabling Christmas function last night and great to see the team, just loaded up on pain killers and had a great night. Up early and slightly uncomfortably but it was so worth it.


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