Monday, December 6, 2010

Dancing with Ned

We are meeting with our sarcoma specialist this Wednesday the 8th to get pathology results back and to discuss progress from surgery and next steps.

One thing we are hoping for is to get to NED status, which means clinically they can't detect the cancer or any secondary spread. More on what NED is on this earlier post. This doesn't mean that the cancer is gone but it is a very good milestone to get to. It will take a couple of years of positive tests and staying in NED status for the prognosis to improve.

Kat has found a suitable bottle of wine which is on ice for later in week.


  1. Good find ... I think you deserve a second bottle for Tuesday night :-)

  2. Excellent shopping Kat - you always are good at finding the appropriate thing/gift. Hey Gary if chemo is one of your future steps you can use my wig...I know you like to dress up on occasion.

  3. Lol Lynn Kat here..u are so funny and so right about the's a lovely blonde one too.


Thanks for your comments Gaz