Saturday, March 3, 2012

10 Ways to Help a Friend With Cancer

I came across this blog and they make some amazing observations on cancer and life. It is well written and worth reading.

If it takes a village to raise a child, you might say it also takes one to care for the sick. Cancer is at once personal and communal. Disease lives in the sufferer’s body but the experience of illness is shared, often intimately, by our loved ones. And yet, caring for the sick can feel like writing a travelogue about a country you’ve never visited. You can’t know where you haven’t been.

“What can I do to help??..Click to read more”...

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  1. The list is so helpful. Today I met up with a professional acquaintance who had cancer a few years back and because of that list I just said to him - you know when you had cancer I didn't know what to say. It had been on my mind all that time that I had not gone and done something/said anything - and by just acknowledging that the rest comes more easily.


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