Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Time heals what reason cannot" - Seneca

I think the Roman philosopher Seneca made a good point when he threw this idea out into the word. When first hearing news of a poor health prognosis the world as you know it is shattered; you are overwhelmed with grief and it is very difficult to come to terms with the information. Your mind goes in a spin thinking of all the possible scenarios and consequences; initially all bad.
Our wellbeing seems tied to the concept of certainty and a romantic ideal of what the future may bring. But time heals... it brings perspective and allows time to process and digest the new information and adjust to your "new normal".
I find information helps and reading article like these helpful ;
Coming to terms with this material helped me face my fears and return to getting on with living life.

No man is an island... often the most useful source of help is your family and close friends around you who are also coming to term with situation and uncertain future. Initially you may not be ready to talk and you will be selective with who you share with; but from experience I encourage that you open up; it is great for you and them.
The world is far from certain for any us and we can't control the future; but we can control our participation and happiness today. Follow the example of this guy:


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