Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Out in the big wide world

It's interesting the challenge of getting back to "Normal" after being out of circulation for a year. My main issue is back pain and the issues surrounding this. Life is fantastic, but busy and at times overwhelming.  I am back up to see both my surgeons (Sarcoma specialist and Spinal Surgeon) in a couple of weeks and hoping that they will hatch a plan to solve the post op issues. The titanium rods in my back have snapped and this causes pain and seriously limits activities and I'm only working part-time. I find it frustrating as I cant do much to fix myself and just need to wait for the body to fix itself or for the surgeons to implement a plan. Its not life threatening and just a mechanical problem and as a result I may not be high up on priority lists. Pain medication works well and now is an essential part of daily living. I have an underlying concern  that this may become chronic and unresolvable. Initially I was please that surgery was not offered too fix this but now I'm ready to get back on the table. It doesn't seem to be a major op and hopefully it will be offered and will fix pain issues.
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  1. My biggest problem is not knowing what happens next. Could this turn into a long term chronic pain issue or will some quick surgery sort it out and will I be able to return to my active lifestyle. I'm confident I will cope with what ever path this follows but frustrated with current lack of information and uncertainty.

  2. I now think of my initial cancer diagnosis as an earthquake and the things that are turning up now because of various treatments as aftershocks. Certainly there is a lot more to recovery than I ever imagined there would be and it is quite scary when tests reveal things. Not life threatening things but reminders that your body has deteriorated rapidly. Loss of bone density etc. So hopefully a suitable plan can be sorted for you when you go up to ChCh next.


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