Thursday, April 7, 2011

Is that a light at the end of the dark and long tunnel

24 days before I complete the chemo treatment which is hopeful the last medical procedure for my sarcoma. Post will be some recovery and a CT scan to get sign-off that I am clear of cancer for now. Then from mid May I plan to step up the physical recuperation of my new back and progressively get back into the business.
I am very tired from all medical procedures and after bad chemo cycle 3 one of my consultant callled this 'fatigue', not to be confuse with 'sleep tired'. Cycle 4 has been a great cycle which has given me confidence that I will complete the whole procedure and not melt down along the way. We are very well geared up with support structures with treatment and this makes a big positive difference. I am now targeting to come out of treatment strongly and for it to be weeks not months to overcome most of the side-effects of Chemo. Its going to take longer to recover physical fitness and strength and thats fine, as a a key factor will be final healing with the spine and development of the core muscle's. The rehab work at ISIS and DIY landscaping and construction have been great at straightening me up and getting a base fitness, but still a way to go and I will need to do this over a longer period, Christmas summer holidays may be a good target date to do something like this:

My top priority post treatment is 'health'. My body created or at least supported the rapid development of cancer and I believe my lifestyle contributed to this. So in next few weeks I'm going to use the Hauora wellness model, here , to see what changes I need to make. My hope this will improve my Joule de Vivre, not reduce.

Morning of 2nd day in hospital chemo cycle 5, had a great sleep last night and have food on board. I am currently unteethered from drugs for my 1 hour in 24. Soon to have a shower and a few laps of the ward, luxury.

Ciao for now.

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  1. We just had the team in Melbourne which was great, but not the same without you GT. We look forward to having you back on board - healthy and happy...

  2. Gary, great news on the completion of your chemo treatment and happy you got a some good NZ blood to give you a healthy kick! Enjoy your DIY projects and look forward to seeing the finished product! Kim

  3. Gary, wishes for stength and healing energy are going out to you from me. Kat, hold on to hope. Courage to you both.

  4. Good on you warrior man. Just think, soon you too might have a head full of curly hair.

  5. Keep on keeping on. Your determination and warrior spirit are inspiring.

  6. Thanks team for all the well wishers, it helps. The recovery from this cycle has been great, probably best yet. I have even managed to get into work for a few hours, first time in many months. It has been great getting the business brain engaged again. Were planning a nice break at our holiday home over Easter and then back into hospital for final chemo shot...

  7. LOL And Lynns Hair is super curly...a chemical makeover..people pay thousands Lynn for the look you're now supporting.


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