Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gazza's getting his workshop sorted

and its looking good!
He now has his own man cave and can be found out there at all odd hours fixing things..putting up spouting and installing our new water tank which is very exciting.And for those of you wondering how he is doing all of this..he does take it slowly and comes in very tired and sore but VERY pleased with himself. I like him out there doing this its good:-)
We are pleased only two more chemo cycles to go and we can start practicing some normality again.
Light at the end of the crawl space..which reminds me I was in the ceiling this last week cleaning out old batts and rat poo.YUCK!
The roof is off our house at present too which makes for an interesting Autumn.
Hopefully the rain will divert this week and we can get it sorted.Ciao KAT

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  1. The roof is off your house...OMG, like what a thing to slip in at the end of a blog. Hope its back on by now.


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