Thursday, September 13, 2012

Final Cycle of Chemo

After 5 cycles we've decided that we have done our dash and starting the final cycle of chemo today and will be in for the next 4 days. The chemo has been very successful and knocked back the large tumours significantly and eradicated many of the smaller tumours; saying that there are still many (Dozens?) smaller ones visible and its likely that some of these are less sensitive to the chemo and still active. The advice is that these will spring away once treatment finishes and this has just brought us time but we will wait and see.

As well as knocking the tumours it has also knocked me around and part of the decision to stop one cycle short is part on quality of life and getting back to best health so we can enjoy the summer.

So off to the hospital for another dose...

Spring Picnic with Sister Sue and Dog Mango


  1. Good on you Gary for going through 5 more rounds - I guess we can only make decisions at the time, but after doing my chemo I said never again. I didn't even get through all of mine first time round since I came up with allergic reactions to it. A bloody hard way to get more time with your lovely family - you are a warrior.

  2. As always, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family for continued strength and peace.

  3. You've done so well to get this far Gary, and now is the time to get home, recoup and spend time with your wonderful family. We are all thinking of you lots. Kristy

  4. Gaz has pretty crook this time really knocked him around. Hes quietly recovering on the couch today ..sports tv. Slowly starting to eat small amounts. Thanks from Gaz and me for all comments and wishes. He reads them and finds it really encouraging but doesn't always have the energy to reply.KAT

  5. Hi Ersk, sorry to hear that it's taking longer to bouncer back - hang in there. Sit back and enjoy the sport, the sun and the family. See you soon and Kate says hi
    Dev, Bender and the kids

  6. Nice photo Gaz. Hope you have a summer load of moments like this ;)


  7. You guys are amazing and have totally inspired my husband and me. I really hope you have a wonderful summer. Sending lots of positive energy your way, Michelle x


Thanks for your comments Gaz