Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Out into the light

It's fantastic being out of chemo prison and back in the land of the living. 2 weeks out of the system and today is when I would normally be checking into hospital. All upside from here. It gets a little frustrating as physically and mentally I am not capable of doing all that I would like to do and also realization that it will take months to recover physical fitness. I have just started back at work and doing a few hours here and there, which is exhausting and most days when returning home I need an afternoon nap to recover. It's fantastic using the grey matter again and very pleased that it still works. Just need to keep reminding myself to take it easy and to pace myself.

Restarted rehab work at ISIS to straighten and strengthen back and spine. They i.e. Jo is fantastic and it was encouraging to see that I have made progress since the last time I was up there a couple of months back. I am now convinced that physically I will be able to do all that I want todo (including skiing, chainsawing, golf, terpsichore) and this is better than I though going into spinal surgery. I am not disabled.

I have a couple of key scans and consultations with specialists in the next 2 weeks and hopefully that they will confirm NED status and that back/spine prosthesis is hanging together. I still have my Hickman line in and expect to have another blood transfusion to spike up the blood before it's removed. I love that blood and its great for improving the energy levels.

I have a couple of big parties planned in June and July and I expect to be kicking my heals up.
June is "I am not a patient month" and I'm very excited about that.



  1. So I had to look this one up "terpsichore" but it seems to fit well with your plans for June and July. Nice to have you back.

  2. ... and if anything isn't going fast enough for you Gaz, remind yourself how much has happened the last 12 months, and how well you've done!

  3. Glad to hear your fantastic progress. I think of you often. Kia Kaha Gary.


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