Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Space Invaders coming soon

I'm hiding away in Otematata, a sunny, hot and restful location and not particularly enthusiastic about starting chemo next week. Although it is likely to be unpleasant I don't especially think it's Chemo I dislike, nor that I'll be in hospital for 3 days every 3rd week, I think thats its the accumulated impact of the procedures to date and that I'm over it. My first step on this cancer journey "Kat, who do I go see get this dodgy back fixed" started nearly a year ago and it's been an incredibly long, difficult and often painful process. Kids often use the term "your invading my space", well medical procedures invade your space big time! Cutting, scanning, drugging, injecting, excising my space. I often remind myself that it's all in a good cause or no short term pain no long term pain, although it's a bit hard to remain positive and get excited in the face of an upcoming invasive procedure.

But for now it's mid summer and I'm off to the lake tomorrow with a soft-chair and a good book.

Best / Gary

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  1. RereadIng this post I need to get a better attitude before starting this treatment.
    Hidiing away is not a recommended strategy to getting medical problems solved, it's often the worst approach that we all follow at times e.g.delaying that first doctors appointment. The medical professionals are not space invaders but unsung heroes on a mission to save my life. In a drawn out procedure I think it is fairly natural to feel this way although I just got to harden up and get a more positive attitude to the procedure.


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